Bernie Mac’s wife sues doctor

    Bernie Mac’s wife, Rhonda McCullough, is suing the deceased comedian’s doctor for $50,000.







    Bernie Mac’s wife, Rhonda McCullough, is suing the deceased comedian’s doctor for $50,000.
    The Chicago Sun-Times reports that Rhonda McCullough has filed suit against the physicians because she believes he contributed to Bernie’s untimely death.
    In court documents she states that the South Side dermatologist Rene M. Earles, kept Bernie in his office for nine hours while Bernie was sick. Rhonda alleges that Rene’s choice to not call an ambulance for Bernie set into motion a catastrophic series of health setbacks.
    However, Rene admitted to the Chicago Sun-Times that Bernie came to his office looking a little weak. The doctor also claimed that he asked the comedian what was wrong. Rene said Bernie’s reply was that he had a little cold and he had received an injection for it at Northwestern. 
    Rene said he gave Bernie some oxygen and allowed him to sleep for four hours before treating Bernie for the lesions on his head, face and neck.  After that, he gave Bernie a physical exam. He found that Bernie had a low fever, was wheezing, breaking out in a rash, and had a faster heartbeat.
    “It seemed to me he was having a drug reaction to whatever the doctor gave him at Northwestern that day,” Rene said.
    Rene told the paper that he gave Bernie medication to stop the drug reactions and contacted Bernie’s doctor, who was either at or affiliated with Northwestern. Rene said the other doctor revealed that Bernie was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia, which is pneumonia in both lungs.
    The doctor then admitted to Rene that he felt Bernie should go to the hospital. Rene said he immediately got off the phone and went back to Bernie.
    “I said Bernie, ‘Get up, you’ve got to go to the hospital,’” Rene said. The dermatologist said that at 10 p.m. Bernie was able to walk out of the clinic and be chauffeured to the hospital.
    Rene told the paper that he did not know how to respond to the accusations of negligence because he believed he took good care of Bernie. “It was entirely devastating,” said Rene. “Look, Bernie was my patient. Bernie was my friend. We became extremely close- we were like brothers.” 



    – Ju’lia Samuels




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