Fantasia named in sex tape scandal

    Singer Fantasia Barrino has been pegged as the other woman in a North Carolina divorce case.

    Sometime last year, we noticed that Fantasia had a new piece of arm candy, who was quickly identified as a man named Antwaun Cook, whom she met at a T-Mobile shop near her home in Charlotte. Things seemed to be getting serious when Fannie got his name tattooed on her shoulder (but it was quickly covered up with another mass of skin art).

    There was one problem with the budding romance, though. Rumor had it that he was still very married when he began running around with Fantasia. Although the singer originally denied even knowing Antwaun, his wife, Paula Cook, claims otherwise in papers filed with a North Carolina court on August 4.

    Last week, Paula filed for divorce form Antwaun and named Fantasia as his mistress, stating, “Beginning in August, 2009, [Antwaun] engaged in illicit sexual behavior with Ms. Barrino and their covert adulterous affair began at that time.”

    As proof of the extramarital relationship, Paula claims that there are tapes of Fantasia and Antwaun’s steamy sessions. “Throughout the course of their adulterous affair, upon information and belief, [Antwaun] and Ms. Barrino have at times recorded their illicit sexual activity.”

    Paula argues that the closer Fantasia and Antwaun got, the more he neglected his duties as a husband and father to the children he has with Paula. The increased absence took a toll on the kids, one of whom began acting out in school. For example, he’d jet off with Fantasia for trips to various locations, including Atlanta and New York. Before one such trip, Antwaun told Paula to make other arrangements to get one of their sons to the bus stop since he would not be home.

    On another occasion, Paula wound up spending her wedding anniversary alone in New Orleans where she learned of Antwaun’s affair from a member of his family. He and Paula did attempt a short-lived reconciliation. However, Antwaun eventually went back to Fantasia after receiving a motorcycle from the singer, the suit states.

    Things came to a head shortly thereafter when Fantasia interrupted a phone call between Antwaun and his wife, telling Paula, “He don’t want you….maybe next time you get a husband you’ll know how to keep him…that’s why he’s here with me.”

    Antwaun and Paula have not lived together as husband and wife since June 16.

    With her marriage irretrievably broken, Paula has filed for divorce. She is seeking full custody of her kids with Antwaun, child support, post separation support and alimony. She is also asking that her estranged husband pay for her attorney’s fees.
This case could mean big trouble for Fantasia as North Carolina is one of the states where a third party can be sued in the breakdown of a marriage under the Alienation of Affection law. 

    In fact, back in March, a woman named Cynthia Schackleford successfully sued her husband’s mistress and was awarded $9 million.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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