Budweiser Superfest returns with mild buzz

    This year’s Budweiser Superfest should be renamed Kem and Three Other Guys.







    This year’s Budweiser Superfest should be renamed Kem and Three Other Guys.
    Despite Nashville soul singer Kem being third on the roster, he stole the show during the Superfest’s recent stop in Washington, DC. His style, vocal ability, song selections and overall energy really commanded the stage.
    By the time he got to his chart-topping single “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience—hands down, Kem is a great performer.
    But before he took over the stage, Jive recording artist Raheem Devaughn, dressed in a dapper dress shirt, slacks, vest and a fresh pair of tennis shoes, warmed up the crowd. Now, let’s not be misunderstood: Raheem held his own and definitely opened the show on a strong note, performing some of his most popular singles including, “Bulletproof” off of The Love & War MasterPeace.
    Then there was R&B singer Jaheim, who had the shortest performance of the night. It wasn’t too clear if he had an emergency to tend to, but the medley of songs he performed was about five minutes total.
    As if the crowd wasn’t confused enough that he was running through the songs, he decide to aimlessly walk through the crowd like a stray puppy looking for a home.
    The night ended with Anthony Hamilton. Usually, Anthony gives the crowd everything while he’s on stage—from high energy, to vocal technique, to special guests. But, this time around, he was completely upstaged by his live band and his three over-the-top background singers.
    He also thought the Budweiser Superfest would be a good place to do covers of other people’s material rather than his own. He spent so much time performing other artist’s songs that fans began to shout out titles of their favorite songs by him. When he didn’t oblige, they began to leave in the middle of his set!
    Overall, the Budweiser Superfest is a decent concert to attend, if you have some time to kill and want some mild entertainment. It will be continuing in over a dozen cities throughout the U.S. during the months of August and September, concluding in Dallas on September 5.



    – Marcus A Williams  




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