Young Buck releases new music

    A recent raid by the IRS inspired Young Buck to record two new songs.
    Just hours after gun-toting federal agents seized $300,000 worth of property from his Nashville home, the rapper drowned his sorrows in the studio. Producer Drumma Boy, a friend of Buck’s, e-mailed the rapper a few beats that prompted the recording session.

    The result? Young Buck emerged from the booth with two new tracks, including a lyrically deep song called “My Campaign.” 

    While many would expect that Buck would be rapping a sad tune rife with self pity, he makes it clear that he doesn’t want anyone feeling sorry for him. "Aye shawty keep that sympathy for that baby you taking care of, anything they done is done did to me now we all aware of.”

    Listen to the track below and hit up the comment section to tell us what you think of it. 




    — Sonya Eskridge 




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