Brandy ‘Don’t Care’

    Brandy is lending her voice to a compilation project and getting cocky for a track titled “I Don’t Care.”
    The “Right Here” singer hit the studio to record the song, created by Stacey Barthes and Corey Chorus.

    The duo wanted Brandy to come out with a little more bravado for “I Don’t Care,” which would be a change of pace from the singer’s more recent material.

    “[Brandy’s] been humble too long,” Stacey said before the singer started recording. It’s her hope that listeners will really be able to connect with the song because it speaks to experiences that most everyone has been through.


    Stacey and Corey are pretty sure they’ve got something good on their hands, especially with Brandy at the helm. 
    “You know you got one when you can jump up and dance to it,” Corey said. “Or if you can bring someone who’s never heard the record into the room and play the record and they feel some sort of emotion. You’ve got a winner.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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