Fantasia leaks ‘Lucky’

    Is Fantasia singing about her affair with a leaked song from her album?

    The unexpected release of “Lucky” will certainly fan the flames of scandal surrounding Fantasia’s love life. On the track, she’s literally singing the praises of her lover, who happens to already have a woman in his life.

    Many Fantasia fans may wonder if this is art imitating life. Just last week the singer was in the hospital for several days after a suicide attempt over her relationship with Antwaun Cook. His wife Paula named Fantasia as Antwaun’s jump-off in a divorce filing.  In court papers, Paula alleges that Antwaun and Fannie even made a sex tape. 

    Next thing you know, Fantasia’s in the hospital recovering from a drug overdose. Authorities said that she took too much aspirin and sleep medication in attempt to kill herself. The singer’s camp released a statement claiming that Antwaun misled Fantasia into thinking that his marriage was on the rocks.


    However, “Lucky” could spell trouble for Fantasia, who was seen with Antwaun the day after she was released from the hospital. Coincidently, it’s just been reported by that he’s moved out of his family home in North Carolina.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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