Faith is back, y’all!

    Faith Evans is coming back with a new album and has dropped her first single as a prelude to her latest creation.
    “Gone Already” is really an ear-pleaser, with a gorgeous piano intro and a heavy bass beat that builds on the notes and makes you bob your head. The light melody really suits Faith’s signature sound. Definitely a song that you can play on the car stereo, no matter what mood you’re in.
    Faith told S2S that this song was actually recorded two weeks before it hit airwaves, and it was the very last song she recorded for her album. 

    “It was like, I was done recording, and I got the song and I heard it,” Faith said. “And I know a hit record when I hear one.” Faith, we definitely agree! Take a listen below and tell us your thoughts.
    If this teaser is any indication of things to come, we can’t wait for the album, titled Something About Faith, which is scheduled to hit shelves on October 5.



    – Ariana Gordon




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