Tyra apologizes for ‘ANTM’ promo

    Tyra Banks is making a big deal about an “America’s Next Top Model” commercial touting a small frame.
    In a recent promo for “ANTM,” Tyra and the Jays (Jay Manuel and J. Alexander) went nuts when they saw Ann, a 6’2” contestant with the “smallest waist in the world.” 

    Ann’s physique wowed the judges so much that Jay said it would “make Ms. Jay eat Tic Tacs and watercress for a week.” Fearing that she may have sent the wrong message, Tyra made it clear that she hadn’t actually approved the promo before it was sent out for broadcast.
    "As a leader in celebrating and promoting healthy body image, I must admit that I regrettably didn’t see this clip before it was released to the public, (with multiple Top Model departments, it’s just impossible to review everything),” Tyra explained in a statement, “but on behalf of the Top Model team, these were not the intentions, and we truly apologize for any confusion, anger or disappointment it may have caused."
    Furthermore, Tyra wanted to state that just because she and the Jays think all shapes and sizes are beautiful as long as you can work it. "It’s about women telling the world to KISS their—skinny, wide, droopy, flat, cellulite-covered or FAT—you know what!" she said. 

    Check out the  “ANTM” ad that caused such an uproar here.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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