Singer Donn T is in the family business

    Soulful songstress Donn T was surrounded by musical talent her entire life. Now she has come
    into her own with her debut album Kaleidoscopic, an eclectic merger of soul, disco, electronica and a little bit of funk.


    Donn T, who enthusiastically proclaims herself the “Skype Queen,” has been splitting her time and her talents between the United States and Europe. “My management and label and the producers are all based in London,” she said. “So we have all of our meetings on Skype daily, so I kind of live there.”


    Donn hails from doo-wop royalty. Her father is Lee Andrews of Lee Andrews and the Hearts, a group that was well known in the 1950s for its soulful sounds. Her mom was a dancer who also sang a little doo-wop herself. From Donn’s Philadelphia household she gained a lot of music industry know-how. “In our home there was always music around and music of every genre because that’s what both of [them] were bringing to the table,” she said. “So, my first experiences with music were just so broad. It was a very colorful spectrum. So Kaleidoscopic, for me, embraces that idea.”


    She also has another family member in the world of music: her big brother is none other than the percussion prince ?uestlove of The Roots. But don’t look here for sibling conflicts and competition. “We’re very close,” Donn T said. “My brother is so proud of me. He gets me.”


    According to Donn T, Kaleidoscopic, which hit shelves in July, “pays homage” to the oldies of the ’70s and ’80s "while still giving it a little bit of a modern twist.” The one song that sticks out for her the most is “Astro Lover,” which she described as “a lot of fun.”




    – Ariana Gordon




    Check out the album trailer for Donn T’s debut Kaleidoscopic


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