Antwaun Cook defends Fantasia 

    Fantasia Barrino’s man is standing up for the singer, and telling everyone that she’s not the reason his broken marriage.
    It looks like Antwaun Cook, a married man, is sick and tired of people calling his girlfriend Fantasia a homewrecker. He had his lawyer, Nicole Sodoma, release a statement. 

    "Antwaun would be remiss not to address the criticism and judgment he has received,” Nicola said. “He knew Fantasia Barrino, but the failure of his marriage can in no way be blamed on anyone except the two people that were a part of the union – Paula and Antwaun.”
    Antwaun’s estranged wife, Paula Cook, pegged Fantasia as an active part in the breakdown of her marriage. Paula accused the singer of making a sex tape with Antwaun, even though she knew he was married when they hooked up last summer. However, statements from Fantasia’s camp claim that when she was under the impression that he’d broken things off with Paula by then. 

    “[Paula and Antwaun] expected their marriage to stand the test of time,” The statement added. “Unfortunately, like many marriages, it did not turn out as planned. In late summer 2009, after years of discussion, the parties separated with the intention of no longer being married."
    Pauala disputed the timing of her split from Antwaun in her divorce filing. According to court documents she and Antwaun actually broke up on June 16 of this year.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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