Tiger Woods’ divorce finalized

    It’s a wrap: Tiger Woods and Elin Nordgren have made their split official.

    After months of enduring a very nasty public split parked by an outrageous sex scandal, it’s finally over for the pro-golfer and his estranged wife. A Florida Circuit court judge finalized their divorce yesterday.
    The former couple issued a joint statement on the divorce as soon as the decision was handed down.

    “We are sad that our marriage is over and we wish each other the very best for the future,” they said. “While we are no longer married, we are the parents of two wonderful children and their happiness has been, and will always be, of paramount importance to both of us.”

    The ex-couple said that focusing on their young children is a big part of what has allowed them to be cordial throughout the course of their breakup.

    “Once we came to the decision that our marriage was at an end, the primary focus of our amicable discussions has been to ensure their future well-being. The weeks and months ahead will not be easy for them as we adjust to a new family situation, which is why our privacy must be a principal concern.”

    There’s no word on how much Elin got in the divorce because it was not stated in court documents.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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