S2S Goes to the Movies: ‘Takers’

    The “Entourage” lifestyle, GQ swag and heists collide to create Idris Elba’s latest flick, Takers.







    The “Entourage” lifestyle, GQ swag and heists collide to create Idris Elba’s latest flick, Takers.

    In 2002 Juilliard trained actor Gabriel Casseus (New Jersey Drive, Fallen) started writing an epic crime drama called Bone Deep. Eight years and over 15 drafts later, the movie is being released under the name Takers. The film follows the lives of an exceptional group of five bank robbers, who dress like GQ models and live the playboy lifestyle.  They spend their days relaxing in million-dollar penthouses and driving exotic automobiles. 

    Things get interesting when Ghost (T.I.), a former member of their notorious gang, gets out of jail after spending close to five years in prison without ever snitching on his boys.  Upon his release, Ghost presents his former partners the score of a lifetime. His plan is to rob an armored vehicle carrying $20,000,000, making it the group’s biggest score yet.  

    The crime syndicate’s boss Gordon (Idris Elba) is a little suspicious of Ghost’s motives, but looks carefully over the plan and decides to give it a go anyway. 

    The gang has their hands full with two LAPD cops Jack and Eddie (Matt Dillon/Jay Hernandez), who will stop at nothing to bring the thieves down. But the cops also come with their own set of baggage as they are currently being investigated by Internal Affairs.  And at this point their jobs and reputation depend on bringing down the all-star team of bank robbers.
    Takers is the Ocean’s series, Heat and the Quentin Tarantino’s True Romance all in one movie. One down side to the film, set in Los Angeles, is that it’s riddled with clichés.  But still, second time director John Luessenho (Lockdown) does a fantastic job at the movies pacing and giving the film a very vibrant and stylish feel. 
    Had Takers come out on its original release date nearly a year ago, it probably would have been a box office juggernaut. It’s rumored that legal troubles for T.I. and cast member Chris Brown caused the film to be put on hold.

 With that being said, the movie feels a bit dated. That, in large part, is because Zoe Saldana, possibly the film’s biggest star, is reduced in the film to a cameo (four scenes) where she plays the fiancée of robber Jake (played by Michael Ealy). 

    We give a lot of credit to Takers producer WIll Packer (Rain Forest Films) and Screen Gems head honcho Clint Culpepper for doing a brilliant job with the marketing behind Takers. The film, despite some of its setbacks, is still tracking to be a box-office hit. 

    GRADE: A-




    – Datari Turner




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