Tiki’s girlfriend denies ‘homewrecker’ status

    Tiki Barber’s girlfriend, Traci Johnson, insists she had nothing to do with the breakdown of the ex-athlete’s marriage.
    Many people are looking at Traci like she broke up a happy home. When news of her relationship with Tiki broke, his wife of 11 years, Ginny, was pregnant with the player’s twin girls. 

    "I knew that Tiki didn’t leave Ginny when she was eight months pregnant for me,” Traci wrote on crushable.com. “I knew that his relationship had deteriorated before my relationship with him was even a thought in his mind." 

    Traci, Tiki’s former intern, was immediately slapped with the shameful title of homewrecker and she turned to him to defend her honor. She found no such support from him. “Tiki sat me down . . . and said, ‘Nothing that I can say will change their perception,’” Traci recalled.
    Labels aside, Traci and Tiki seem to enjoy a peaceful relationship as he hammers out the details of his divorce from Ginny.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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