Kimberley Locke wants a ring on it or else

    When it comes to relationships and dreams you have to take a stand for what you will and will not settle for or else you’re bound to end up unhappy. Former “American Idol” finalist, Kimberley Locke is boldly pursuing her happiness after making the decision to not settle for less and to end her relationship with Harvey Walden, trainer from VH1’s “Celebrity Fit Club.”  In this S2S exclusive, Kimberly finally clarifies what tore them apart.
    “We had been dating for a while and I was ready for marriage, and I felt like we weren’t going nowhere,” she told S2S. “Retrospectively, we were obviously not on the same page.  I couldn’t change his mind.  If he really wanted to marry me, he would have done it by now.  I could have stayed, but I wouldn’t have been happy.”
    While it was a difficult one, Kimberley’s decision to leave has given her the confidence to always follow her heart no matter the cost.
    “You can only make a choice for yourself,” she said. “Other people in your life may not be ready and sometimes that means leaving some behind to move forward.  I learned that that is okay.”
    Kimberley is steadfastly moving forward, racking up hits including her latest dance smash, “Strobelight,” and working on her upcoming reality show, “Making the Curve.”  The competition reality show finds her mentoring plus-size singers trying to make it in the music business. For Kimberley the message of not settling for less applies to these women too who must overcome the stereotypes of the music industry.
    “My hope is that this show will resonate with women across America to see that they can do it regardless of what they look like so long they have talent and that they really want it,” she explained. “There are challenges every day and you have to rise above that.  If you don’t believe in yourself then nobody else will.”
    Not only does Kimberley have a new show, she also a new man in her life, proving that you can never lose when you go after what your heart desires.
    “I’ve been reconnected with someone from my past so we will see how it goes,” the singer said. “He is someone that I grew up with.  I’m trying to tread lightly and let the chips fall where they may.”



    – Souleo




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