Cupid ‘mixes’ it up

    Cupid is in the studio working hard to create his next dance sensation.
    Not too long ago, we were all line-dancing to the popular “to the right, to the right, to the right, to the right” lyrics that made up the Cupid Shuffle. To this day, we still get moving when we hear that familiar beat, whether in a club crowded with strangers, or while jamming at a house party with some close friends. Now Mr. Cupid himself is coming back on the scene with some new music that we’re sure everyone will love to love.
    We caught up with Cupid while he was on his grind in the studio, putting the finishing touches on his mixtape, titled 21 and Over, scheduled for download release this weekend. He described it as “the definition of the underrated guy, trying to show everybody that I really, really, really can sing, you know?”
    Cupid’s been keeping busy, though. In addition to his mixtape, he’s become the new face of McDonald’s McCafe. But for this trendsetting two-stepper, it’s more than just a fun and entertaining addition to his plate. “It allows me to reinvent myself and reintroduce myself to the world,” he said. “Just flooding the market with Cupid so that people know that this guy got talent and that he ain’t just that one record. That’s the number-one focus right now.”
    Check out the “McCafe Shuffle” below.

    And we said he was busy, didn’t we? This musical multitasker also has a brand-new album titled Feel Good Music due out September 14th. 

    “This one right here is just all from my soul,” he said. “Music that I know people are gonna want to hear when they’re at their family reunion, gonna want to hear when they’re with their family, gonna want to hear when they’re just having a good time.”

    The first single “Do My Ladies Run This Party” is for the ladies, and you can’t help but vibe with it’s bouncy beat. Good start, Cupid! We can’t wait see what other songs you have up our sleeve to make us “feel good."
    Dance along to “Do My Ladies Run This Party” this weekend as you enjoy your Labor Day holiday! Check it out below:



    – Ariana Gordon




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