S2S Goes to the Movies: ‘Machete

    Robert Rodriguez is finally making good on a film he teased years ago, and it is well worth the wait.
    In 2007 critically acclaimed film directors Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino set out to pay homage to B-movies with the double feature Grindhouse. Planet Terror (Robert) and Death Proof (Quentin), which ran together, even came with fake movie trailers to give audiences the complete experience. One of the trailers was for a revenge thriller film called Machete. At the time Machete didn’t actually exist and was never going to be made, but the trailer became a worldwide phenomenon and a big hit on the web.
    Now, Machete will be opening Labor Day weekend. Machete is (Danny Trejo) a highly skilled killer and Ex Federale who is blackmailed by a wealthy mysterious character named Mr. Booth (Jeff Fahey) to assassinate state senator John McLaughlin  (Robert De Niro). The senator is running for reelection on an anti-immigrant platform. 

    Machete is locked and loaded in position and about to pull the trigger when he realizes he has been set up. He’s subsequently double crossed, framed and left for dead. He spends the remainder of the film trying to prove his innocence, which requires brutally killing scores of bad guys. The supporting cast is superb with Jessica Alba as a by-the-book Immigration Officer. Michelle Rodriguez is disguised as a taco vendor who leads an underground network assisting Machete and Steven Seagal. Steven pokes fun at his real life tough-guy persona playing a Mexican crime lord. Lindsey Lohan plays Mr. Booth’s drug-addicted daughter.
    This movie reminds us a lot of the exploitation flicks starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Clint Eastwood and Charles Bronson where they all played one-man killing machines. Those action films of yesteryear, full of testosterone and adrenaline, raked in a lot of cash at the box-office and made icons out those actors. Looking back at those films today, action movies that were so over the top with near cartoonish violence, they were actually humorous with out even trying to be. Machete accomplishes this with ease. The movie is so ridiculously bloody and violent, throw in cheesy dialog from sexy babes, corny one-liners and you have yourself exactly what Robert aimed to accomplish.  
    Machete has a plot you have seen at least a 100 times, but the movie is still a great ride and worth the price of admission plus popcorn. Although the movie has a contemporary political message, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I predict an opening weekend of somewhere between fifteen and twenty million for Machete. 

    Grade: B




    – Datari Turner 




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