Kanye tweets about Taylor Swift

    Kanye West issued another apology to Taylor Swift and took time to get a few things off of his chest.








    Kanye West issued another apology to Taylor Swift and took time to get a few things off of his chest.

    With the MTV Video Music Awards right around the corner everyone has visions of Kanye’s onstage outburst last year running through their heads. While it may be water under the bridge for most people, the rapper is still living with the consequences of what he did the unfortunate night that he interrupted Taylor’s acceptance speech.

    On Friday, he used
    Twitter to purge all of his feelings about the incident and all the fallout that followed for him. “I bled hard.. cancelled tour with the number one pop star in the world … closed the doors of my clothing office,” he tweeted Friday morning. “Had to let employees go… for the first time I felt the impact of my brash actions … I felt the recession from an ownership side. People booed when I would go to concerts and the performer mentioned my name.”
    The rapper continued on like this in stream-of-consciousness  tweets for the better part of two hours. By his own admission, he Kanye explained that he felt it was necessary to tweet at length because he couldn’t reduce his apology to a few simple lines. “There are layers to this beyond me running on stage.”

    For example, Kanye told followers that, for a long time, people thought he was racist and hated White people. Nevermind that he was dating model model Amber Rose at the time.
    Feeling that perhaps a simple “I’m sorry” wasn’t enough of a mea culpa to Taylor, he put his feelings to music.
    “I wrote a song for Taylor Swift that’s so beautiful and I want her to have it,” he wrote. “If she won’t take it then I’ll perform it for her. She had nothing to do with my issues with award shows. She had no idea what hit her. She’s justa lil girl with dreams like the rest of us. She deserves the apology more than anyone.”
    Yeezy also offered his apologies to Beyoncé, tweeting, “I am not a bad person. Even in that moment I was only trying to do good but people don’t always need my help. Beyonce didn’t need that. MTV didn’t need that.”
    “With new found humility … who am I to run on stage?” Kanye added.  “I would never ever again in a million years do that. Sorry to let you down. It is distasteful to cut people off as a general rule. … I’m ready to get out of my own way. The ego is overdone… it’s like hoodies.”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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