‘Top Model’ returns for Cycle 15

    CW will stand for "CatWalk" tonight as Tyra Banks and company sashay their way back onto the network for the Cycle 15 premiere of “America’s Next Top Model.
    Yes, Tyra is back to introduce a few fresh, new faces to the fashion world with this cycle, premiering tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW.  And after a season of model munchkins, it seems that “ANTM” is ready for familiar heights. None of the contestants this season is shorter than 5’8”, and three are even at least 6’ tall.

    This time around Tyra and her crew are uping the ante: The competition will focus on high fashion, and there’s an Italian Vogue spread up for grabs! Did we mention that the winner also gets the cover of Beauty in Vogue? That’s in addition to the standard modeling contract. 

    With two jobs on the line, the stakes on “Top Model” have never been higher. That may spark touches of a little rivalry between sisters Chris and Terra of Arlington, Texas. When the pair auditioned together for this cycle, they never dreamed that they would both make it to the finals.
    “I have somebody there with me to experience the whole thing,” Terra said during a pre-show interview. “We just thought one of us would make it and we’d be happy for the other one, but to find out that we both made it, it was just so cool.”

    “I prefer to do photoshoots. I’ll jump on the runway if I have to; if not, that’s my sister’s forte, I’ll let her run it,” Chris said. “She can walk. I can pose better, though.”
    Don’t let the initial excitement fool you; blood is not thicker than fashion Like their opponents, both Terra and Chris have come to win! If it means sending the other one packing, these sisters have no problem with that.

    “If it comes down to me and my sister at the end, she’s going home. She knows she going home!” said Chris. “I’mma win it. She already knows. She already knows. I don’t even know why she’s here. She just needs to pack up her stuff and go home.”
    Of course, Terra begs to differ, stating, “I’m gonna beat her. I’ll just send her back home to my mama. She knows what’s up. …I think we both want it equally and it will probably be the best head-to-head of ‘Top Model’ that you’ll ever see because we’re not gonna take it lightly.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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