Kelsey Grammer backs conservative network

    Kelsey Grammer, the man who brought you “Girlfriends” and “The Game,” is backing a new network will voice the right wing opinion.
    Kelsey, who is known for his Emmy winning role in “Frasier,” is an investor and public face of a new politically conservative network that launched on Wednesday, according to “The Today Show.”

    RightNetwork is intended to appeal to Republican viewers. The network’s first series is entitled “Running.” The show follows the fortunes of a couple of Tea Party-backed candidates for public office.
    The network is initially making programming available through video-on-demand services, the Internet and through mobile phones, bypassing the route of traditional TV networks with a spot on channel lineup.
    Kelsey said that the network represented a desire by him and some political friends "to stop allowing people who hate us to define us."



    — Ju’lia Samuels




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