Replay: 2010 VMA performances 

    In case you missed the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards last night we rounded up all the night’s most memorable performances. 

    In case you missed the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards last night we rounded up all the night’s most memorable performances. 

    Yeah, the VMAs are about recognizing outstanding talent, but many viewers tune in for the potentially amazing or craptastic stage shows from some of their favorite acts. We aren’t going to make any judgments; we’ll let you decide whether you liked this year’s performances on your own.
    Nicki Minaj brought a lot of character to the VMA preshow with her shiny body suit and bubble-gum pink beehive. But check out what Will.I.Am brought to the stage when he joined her for “Check It Out.”

    Nicki’s Young Money labelmate Drake wanted something a little more understated for his performance of “Fancy.” The dapper rapper opted to have his set styled like a swanky old jazz club, and he brought in Mary J. Blige and Swizz Beatz to help set the mood. 

    Side note: We need to know the title of whatever it was that Mary was singing!


    It looked like Eminem took it right back to 8 Mile for “Not Afraid.” Rihanna surprised the crowd when she appeared on stage for “Love The Way You Lie.”


    Usher gave the fans a taste of what his tour might look like with his medley of “DJ Got Us Falling In Love” and “OMG.” PS: How much fun would it be slide down a ramp like him?!


    Usher’s popular protégé Justin Bieber also took the stage, playing up his status as a teen idol, for a medley and drum solo.


    No one can forget Kanye West’s stage bomb during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech—least of all Kanye if his Twitter rant is to be believed. While Taylor has generally remained silent on the matter, she chose the VMAs to give her final stance on the matter. When the singer took the stage to perform her new song, it seemed like she’s decided to forgive Kanye when she warbled, “Who you are is not what you did/You’re still in an innocent/Lost your balance on a tight rope/It’s never too late to get it back.”


    If you really listened to what Kanye sang/rapped during the VMA finale you’d know that he’s owned up to the fact that he made a big mistake last year. However, many may have missed that because of the shocking way he chose to do it with his new single "Runaway".




    – Sonya Eskridge




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