Meet Cappie Pondexter, the WNBA’s greatest hope

    S2S got in a little hang time to chat with the WNBA’s brightest star, New York Liberty shooting guard Cappie Pondexter.

    The future.  It’s not only a tattoo but also a promise that is inked on Cappie’s right shoulder. With a sports career that has received honors such as an Olympic gold medal, championship titles and recognition as a WNBA All-Star, Cappie is representing for females everywhere.  And her talent and drive have helped her to build an empire that extends past the world of sports.  It’s a work ethic that she credits to her mother.
    “My mom struggled so much to make sure my brother and I had the best living situation,” Cappie recalled. “We lived in a bad area but when you came to our house it was a different feeling.  To see her work two or three jobs motivates me now to make sure she never wants for anything in life.  That’s what keeps me going to be the best player on the road.”
    Off the court, Cappie is hoping to expand the WNBA into the mainstream with her business ventures, including her image consulting and personal styling firm, 4 Season Style Management.  In building such an empire she is aiming to prove that if the men of basketball can do it big, then so can a woman.
    “I’m so creative and I love being out the box and no player ever brought fashion to the WNBA.  It is unfortunate ‘cause you see guys like LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh but there are great women as well.  I hope with my fashion business that people take notice of what we’re trying to do.”
    Not only is Cappie venturing off into fashion, but she is also giving back as the spokesperson of Entertainers 4 Education Alliance, an organization that supports educational advancement for youth through various forms of multimedia and events.  With her goals of dominating the WNBA, expanding her brand and helping others it’s no surprise that Cappie finds it hard to balance a love life.
    “It’s hard because I’m so independent and men want you to depend on them,” she admitted to S2S. “But I’m learning to let go and let a man do his job.  At the same time I don’t want to lose my strength.  It’s what got me to where I am right now in life.”
    With so much determination there is little doubt that any man can take away Cappie’s focus from making all of her dreams a reality. 



    — Souleo




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