Reggie Bush returns Heisman

    After months of pressure Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints has hiked back his Heisman trophy.
    Reggie’s been in hot water with the NCAA since it leveled hefty sanctions against his alma mater, the University of Southern California. The organization claims that the school gave the NFL player improper benefits while trying to recruit him for its football team.

    “Just want to thank everyone for their support throughout this tough time,” Reggie said in a statement he released via Twitter. 

    According to, this marks the first time any Heisman winner has given up the honor. The pro baller told his followers the decision to forfeit his 2005 title and trophy was a tough one to make. However, he knew that is was the right decision and he hopes to use this as a way to teach others.

    “I hope that kids and upcoming youth can look at me and use this story as an example and learning tool. Challenges are a part of life,” he tweeted. “But the key is to never allow your faults or mistakes to define you, yet use them as an opportunity to mature and grow to become better!”

    Reggie, who helped his team win the Super Bowl earlier this year, said he isn’t dwelling on losing the prestigious honor. Instead, he let everyone know that he’s excited about the many achievements ahead of him, stating, “Now that this is behind me I look forward to the future and winning more awards and championships here in New Orleans! Who Dat!”



    — Sonya Eskridge




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