Bokeem Woodbine seeks help for ‘Devil’

    Bokeem Woodbine is remaining very cryptic about his terrifying new film Devil.



    Bokeem Woodbine is remaining very cryptic about his terrifying new film Devil.

    Typically when actors have a film coming out, they can’t say enough about the project and the role they play. Well, the actors in M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming flick are anything but typical.

    When we caught up with Bokeem, he couldn’t answer any of the usual questions. “I had to sign a non-disclosure before I decided to work on the project,” Bokeem explained to S2S. “I’m gonna have to leave it a mystery for now until people go check it out.”
    While much of the movie remains shrouded in mystery, here’s what we can tell you: Bokeem had to seek professional help to prepare for his role as the security guard. 

    “I had to go see a shrink, a psychotherapist, to help me better understand the nature of character. I didn’t want to just try to guess at what might be going on with him. I wanted to talk to someone   ” he revealed. “My character has some aspects of his personality that are very far removed from me, as far as who I am personally.”

    He continued, “It really was appropriate and I think when people see the film they’ll understand a little bit more why I might have had to do that.”

    Speaking of Bokeem’s character, we couldn’t tell you his name—or anyone else’s for that matter! When we asked whether the characters actually had names, we couldn’t believe our ears when he said, “Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.”

    “I’ll put it to you like this,” Bokeem added, “the characters are known as old woman, young woman, salesman, security guard and mechanic.”

    And the actor told S2S that, aside from the guard, his next favorite character in the film is the salesman because

    The producers of the film are remaining so secretive about Devil that not even the actors have seen a final cut of the movie. Oh, they’ve seen bits and pieces of it, but not the whole, finished product. However, Bokeem might be able to piece it together for himself given that Devil was shot in sequence, which isn’t common practice on most movie sets.
    That said, he’ll be just as surprised as the rest of us to see what happens when Devil debuts in theaters on Friday.




    – Sonya Eskridge




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