Pooch pumped for ‘The Game’ 

    Our favorite onscreen athlete Pooch Hall is getting ready to head to Atlanta to start shooting for “The Game.”

    The actor, who plays Derwin Davis on “The Game,” told S2S that he is super excited to begin production on new episodes in two weeks because he wants to know what’s going on with the San Diego Sabers and their ladies.

    That’s right! He’s in just as much suspense about the show as the fans are. “I don’t know if I’m at liberty to say because technically they’re not supposed to tell you,” Pooch revealed to S2S. 

    If we can’t get the goods on “The Game” from one of the show’s stars, who can tell  us? During a recent four-hour fitting, he tried to get the scoop on “The Game” from another show insider, stylist Stacey Beverly.

    “Stacey told me a few small, small, small secrets and gave me a few eye winks,” Pooch slipped.  “All I can say…it’s about to go down!” 

    While he couldn’t share any of the secrets Stacey let him in on, he assured us that it has been well worth the wait for new episodes of “The Game.” “One thing that she said is that the fans are going to be happy,” Pooch dished.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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