‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: September 21

    Couple: Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke
    Dance: Viennese waltz

    The first thing we thought when we saw that Rick had been paired up with Cheryl was, "how’s that gonna work?!" At 6’7" the former NBA player literally stands head, shoulders and chest above his professional coach.
    That challenge was not lost on Rick, but leave it to Cheryl, who has more than a few "DWTS" championships under her belt, to make it work! She went to wardrobe and got specially made shoes to dance with her gentle giant.
    With that concern handled, Rick could focus on learning how to handle the hardwood in a whole new way. "I’m here to prove that NBA players can dance," he said.
    To be honest, we didn’t have really high expectations for Rick. We’d have considered it a victory if he didn’t trample Cheryl during their routine. But, he blew us away with how graceful he was!

    "I tell you the height different didn’t get in the way for me at all," said Len. "You danced with elegance."
    Judge Bruno didn’t have a lot to say about Rick’s technique. However, he must have thought "The Game" star was good enough to survive elimination because he said he couldn’t wait to see Rick tackle a Latin dance next week.
    "I’m so surprised," admitted Carrie, who must have been blinded by Rick’s good looks. "Your posture was just ridiculously gorgeous. I was blown away."
    Rick impressed the judges enough to earn 22 points from the judges.

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