Faith Evans is ‘Gone Already’

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    Faith Evans decided to make a simple, yet creative, statement with the video for "Gone Already."
    In recent memory, we can’t recall any R&B singers using mimes to illustrate their songs. Faith has decided to be a pioneer in that sense, and we have to say it kind of works for her.
    There are more elements to the video, of course. For example, the singer also takes the stage, with nothing more than a mic and pianist, for an emotional performance. Faith also get a little screen time with a handsome leading man for a few scenes depicting a strained relationship.
    To get the full effect, check out the video for "Gone Already" below.



    – Sonya Eskridge




    Here’s more:
    Faith is back, y’all!



    One thought on “Faith Evans is ‘Gone Already’

    1. It’s original Faith music. At least she’s not doing horrible remakes like Monica and Fantasia. She sounds good and her voice is prominent. Once her and Kelly Price get back in the game R&B will be in everyones stereos again. We miss yall! As for the picture who said that every album cover you have to smile. Pain before smile, that is a face of experience. If you smile all the time, you’re lying to the world.
      R&B Music

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