‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: September 27

    Couple: Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke
    Dance: Jive

    No matter how you sliced it, Rick was going to have a rough week.
    The former NBA player had to end his sports career because of a foot injury that still affects him to this day. And this week’s dances are both high-energy, demanding that the dancer be both light and quick on their toes.
    "On the basketball court, I was known as a tank. Now, I gotta forget all of that and find some lightness," said Rick.
    "Rick and I have been practicing at half the pace. The last thing we need to do is injure his foot during rehearsal," said Cheryl, who had to bow out early two season ago because of her then-partner’s foot injury.
    For their Jive, Cheryl choreographed an easier routine for herself and Rick that didn’t seem to put too much stress on his feet. While it was a little clunky in spots, he did an excellent job overall. At one point, we thought that Rick might have taken Cheryl’s head off, but it was just a stunt.

    "Didn’t anyone tell you that big guys can’t do the Jive?" asked Len, who was impressed by Rick’s performance. "If you can dance a Jive, which I feel was going to be your worst dance, you have become a contender here. That was really good."
    "And you two, it’s like getting a California condor to dance with a hummingbird, but you actually did it," said Bruno, who acknowledged that taking on the Jive is a lot to ask in week two of the competition.
    Although Carrie Ann thinks Rick did okay, "I actually thought last week, you were better. I actually thought you were better suited to the ballroom, but your posture wasn’t as good this week."
    Rick’s score this week wasn’t as good either: He only got 21 points, tying him with Brandy.

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