‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: September 27

    Couple: Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer
    Dance: Quickstep

    Since Kyle exploded onto "DWTS" last week, it seems he can do no wrong. But that still doesn’t mean this season’s golden boy doesn’t have to work.
    "We are in the top two, we are the youngest couple and now it’s like the pressure is on," he said. "Now, week two that means we gotta be twice as good."
    To stay on top, he’s got to work even harder than he thought. Lacey is helping him get in shape for the competition. They start each routine with a quick workout and some stretching. Oh…and she put him on a diet! Once Kyle’s all limbered up and ready to go, he’s just got to remember his left from his right.
    The actor had a little trouble keeping his feet straight during rehearsal, which was only the beginning of his problems.
    "The Quickstep is an older, traditional dance, and Kyle is definitely not connecting with it," Lacey said. "I added some hip, youthful moves to make Kyle’s personality really stand out."
    Updating the dance a little helped Kyle out a lot because we think he killed it. The personality was there, and his steps were crisp!

    "As a performer, you are a powerhouse of boundless energy" said Bruno, who thought Kyle’s Quickstep looked more like the Jive by the end of the routine. He suggested that Kyle find away to reign in his energy to maintain control. "All that energy works against you. Footwork…your frame goes. You have to retain it, you have to control it for the ballroom dances."
    Carrie Ann couldn’t contain her crush during her critique. She didn’t say a word about his technique, but she was all about his stage presence.  "I loved it! You were on fire," she shouted. "You hit it hard and you have so much fun and I love watching you."
    "You were flat-footed," said Len, who also criticized Kyle’s frames and holds. "It lacked any style, but…I liked it."
    Although, the reviews weren’t as good from the judges Kyle still managed to earn 22 points. Find out if that’s enough to get him through to the next round when you watch "Dancing With the Stars: the Results" tonight at 8p.m. EST on ABC.






    – Sonya Eskridge


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