‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: October 4

    Couple: Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke
    Dance: Samba 

    If any man should be able to pull off sexy this season, hands down it’s Rick. But according to Cheryl he’s relying too much on his pretty face, which he hasn’t quite learned how to work.

    “My ego is a bit bruised because I have a 26-year-old pipsqueak telling me I’m not sexy enough,” Rick whined.
    Of course, Rick’s also got to worry about how to move the rest of his body, but his height is definitely a factor for Cheryl to consider when she’s making up a routine.
    “Rick thinks I’m simplifying choreography at times, but really I’m trying to choreograph something to suit his long limbs and make him look good,” Cheryl explained. 

    In our honest opinion, Rick and Cheryl pulled off a really simple Samba, but it was a cute routine and the former NBA player did well with the moves he was given. The band also provided an assist for Rick by playing their song, “Whine Up” by Kat DeLuna, a little slower than normal.
    And Rick pulled off a move best saved for Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino by ripping open his shirt.


    Bruno thought the routine was hot, exclaiming, “We want to see more of that! Bring it on!”
    “You’ve gone up a notch tonight,” said Len. “A lot of our couples have, and you’ve joined them.”
    Carrie Ann was almost speechless, but from she could get out of her mouth, she thought “it was goood.”

    By the end of the night, Rick and Cheryl had shimmied their way to a score of 24.

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