Joe Jackson argues in court

    Joe Jackson is pleading his case over his famous son’s estate to an appellate court in California. 

    Joe, Michael Jackson’s father, will state his arguments Wednesday in front of the appeals court in California on whether he should be allowed to challenge the administration of the pop icon’s estate, the Associated Press reports.

    Joe appealed a probate court’s dismissal of his objections to the appointment of attorney, John Branca, and music executive and family friend, John McClain, to oversee the late King of Pop’s estate.  
    In November, a judge ruled that Joe didn’t have standing to intervene with the case and was not authorized to a hearing contest to administrators. That particular hearing would allow elder Joe’s attorney, Brian Oxman, to reveal complaints regarding the validity of Michael’s 2002 will, which blocks his dad from receiving any money.  
    The primary beneficiaries of Michael’s estate are his mother, Katherine, and his three children, who have gotten tens of millions of dollars since his death in June 2009. The estate also noted that Joe Jackson sought a stipend, but later chose to withdraw that request.



    – ReDonah Anderson




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