Jeremih’s back with new album

    In case you haven’t heard yet, Jeremih’s back with a new album and that same sexy sound.







    In case you haven’t heard yet, Jeremih’s back with a new album and that same sexy sound.
    With “Birthday Sex” under his belt, a smooth and sultry song that became a bedroom anthem, Jeremih’s hitting us with more music that makes us move.
    His sophomore album, All About You, dropped September 28, and he was so excited for people to hear his voice once again. He describes his music as “feelings,” expressing himself in a way for people to not only hear but also feel what he has to say. 
    His first single off the album, “I Like” featuring Ludacris, could maybe pass for a “Birthday Sex Part II,” but according to Jeremih, that’s not how he sees it at all.  

    “Honestly, coming back out I wanted to get people back in tune with my sound,” he said. “Some people say it sounds like this and it sounds like that, but it sounds like me, if you ask me. And I was hoping when I released that record, and people heard it on the radio, they’d know exactly who it was.” Refresh your memory as to what Jeremih sounds like below:

    The next single coming out is called “Down on Me,” featuring 50 Cent, which is one of only two collabos on the new album. The other, of course, was with Luda on “I Like.” 

    The music video shoot for “Down on Me” just wrapped up last week, and Jeremih says viewers will be in for a surprise: like a tribute to the future (more like the present), the video was shot in 3-D, “so get your 3-D glasses ready!” No, really. Get your glasses ready. Here’s the video right now:

    Had enough? Hope not. These two hits have us wanting more. Go out and grab your own copy of Jeremih’s All About You this weekend. 




    – Ariana Gordon




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