Michelle Williams improves ‘SCD’ moves 

    Michelle Williams went for old Hollywood glam for her second round on “Strictly Come Dancing.”


    Couple: Michelle Williams and Brendan Cole

    Dance: Foxtrot

    When last week’s Cha Cha Cha failed to impress the judges, Michelle went back to the studio with a new determination to earn the eights she’s been aiming for since last week. 

    This week, she and Brendan had to tackle the Foxtrot, which is a more elegant dance that might compliment her long limbs a bit better. However, Brendan realizes that there is one hurdle she has to get over that none of the other competitors really have to worry about.
    “With Michelle being so far from home, she might be feeling a little homesick,” Brendan said. So as an extra-special surprise, he arranged for Michelle’s BFF Kelly Rowland to drop by the studio.
    “It had been a tough week, but seeing Kelly made me realize that I can do this,” Michelle said during a break in practice.

    That surprise seemed to be just the boost Michelle needed! Although she was a little awkward in spots, she had her graceful moments as she glided across the floor.


    Judge Bruno Tonioli thought Michelle and Brendan’s Foxtrot was  “beautiful and elegant,” but he noted that she was carrying her shoulders a bit high. “I know we’re picky, but we have to point these things out,” he reminded her.
    Judge Len Goodman, who had been very harsh last week on ‘SCD’ went much easier on Michelle this time around, saying,  “I thought it was a far superior performance to last week. I didn’t think your posture was at all bad, and I thought you did a great job.”
    Although Michelle and Brendan earned a 26 out of 40, the professional coach wasn’t quiet about the fact that he though the singer deserved a higher score. 

    “She deserves more than that,” he said. “She did a fantastic job. That performance was lovely.”

    Translation: “The judges are tripping!”
    Find out if Michelle made it through to next round when "Strictly Come Dancing" airs Saturday on BBC One.




    – Sonya Eskridge




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