‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: October 11

    Couple: Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke

    Dance: Argentine Tango

    Finally! Cheryl found a way to use Rick’s height to their advantage this week in the Argentine Tango by adding a lot of lifts to their routine. With Rick’s 6’7” frame serving to exaggerate all the stunts they pulled, the lifts were higher and the drops were more dramatic.
    The major obstacle this week, however, was getting Rick to be controlling and dominant, which the Argentine Tango requires by nature. And from his performance, we’re still not really sure he got the hang of it because the routine seemed a little flat. 


    “You came out here looking the cover of a romance novel,” Carrie Ann said, “but for some reason it just felt one-dimensional.”
    Len was impressed by the lifts, but he was disappointed to see the passion deteriorate throughout the routine. By comparision, he said, “you started that dance full of intent, full of drama – I thought you were going to chuck the chair at someone!” 

    Bruno though that while Rick looked like Clark Gable, he moved like one of the Decepticons. “The passes were a bit like Megatron,” he said. Sidenote: We have found a whole new appreciation for Bruno simply because he referenced the Transformers.

    In the end, Rick and Cheryl wrestled 39 points from the judges.

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