Bishop sued for defaulting on loan

    Bishop Eddie Long is in the legal hot seat again for not paying off loan worth nearly $2 million.
 reports that Eddie was hit with a lawsuit on Monday for defaulting on a $1.8 million loan from three years ago.
    Back in August 2007, Eddie and two business partners, Marrion Heflin and Fredrick Folson of McDonough, Georgia, formed the West Indies Holding Company to buy a gym in Jonesboro, Georgia.
    The three signed a promissory note to purchase Hoops N’ Fitness for $643,556 plus $223,000 in interest. In 2009, the seller, Danny Wright and J.D. Rock Enterprises, sued the trio for not paying any part of the debt and that suit is still pending.
    The suit, filed by the mortgage company, State Bank and Trust and the FDIC, asks for $1.86 million on the defaulted loan. That sum includes $32,000 in interest, which is continuing to accrue at more than $300 a day.
    “I never made any payments personally, but I can’t speak for West Indies,” said Marrion.  “All I know is when we acquired Hoops N Fitness, we had a grace period before we had to start paying. We had some differences with the business execution and I decided to cut back.”
    Marrion said that he went out of the country for several months after buying the gym and has not had any form of contact with Eddie. His phone calls to the bishop’s lawyers have not been returned; Eddie’s lawyer has refused to comment on this incident.
    Aside from four other suits, which accuse Eddie of seducing four young men into sexual relationships, this is his fifth lawsuit filed in less than a month.



    – ReDonah Anderson




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