Ne-Yo to become Marvel hero

    R&B crooner Ne-Yo is about to become a bona fide super hero with a little help from Marvel Comics.


    R&B crooner Ne-Yo is about to become a bona fide super hero with a little help from Marvel Comics.
    It was announced during a panel at New York Comic Con that the story behind Ne-Yo’s Libra Scale will be made into a graphic novel. 

    “I am absolutely beside myself,” said a very animated Stan Lee, the father of Marvel Comics. “We have big plans. We’re going to do a lot of things to merge music, rap, comics, superheroes—we’ll put ’em all together.”
    The concept of Libra Scale lends itself very easily to the project; Ne-Yo planned the whole album out as a soundtrack to an underlying story. The singer stars in Libra Scale as a garbage man-turned-superhero named Jerome, who fights crime with his two friends. Together, they’re known as The Gentleman. 

    Their powers, however, come at the price of their own hearts because they can never fall in love. Jerome breaks that rule when he takes up a whirlwind romance with a woman named Pretti Sinclair that turns her into the villain Diamond Eye. 

    Ne-Yo was incredibly excited to tell fans about the comic since he’s been reading them since he was a kid.
    “I’ve been a comic book fan for years. Sitting next to [Stan] I’m really trying to not geek-out right now,” he said. “It’s cool I can take this comic element of myself and blend it to the music element. I got to draw characters myself!”

    We have a feeling that Ne-Yo’s story will be in good hands: After all, Stan is responsible for the awesomeness that is The X-Men, Spider Man and Iron Man—just to name a few. And Stan’s confident that he can do Libra Scale justice when bringing it to ink and paper.
    “Basically a really good rapper, or really good music, is super because people love it – and it inspires a man, it makes him feel great,” said Stan. “Reading a really good comic book with super characters does the same thing.”

    He added, “I promised Ne-Yo that I’m gonna make him feel at home and make sure that he feels comfortable with what we’re doing, because he’s a very shy guy!” 

    While there’s no word on when Ne-Yo’s graphic novel will hit stands, his album Libra Scale will drop on November 1.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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