Disney gets in on the good hair debate

    After the Princess and the Frog, could Tangled set back the progress Disney made?

    After the Princess and the Frog, could Tangled set back the progress Disney made?

    Long, golden, flowing hair that shimmers in the sunlight, possess magical healing powers and is the envy and admiration of everyone.  It’s hard to imagine a young Black girl who would not desire such tresses as those possessed by the classic character of Rapunzel in Disney’s upcoming animated film, Tangled.

    For Black girls, the desire to have such hair is not just one of innocent admiration, but it is often a sign of the Black community’s long-standing issues with hair and beauty standards. 
    While attending the private tastemakers Disney screening event in New York City, S2S addressed the film’s themes of beauty that is sure to strike a chord with Black moviegoers.  

    The film’s antagonist, Mother Gothel, serves as a reminder of the extreme measures people often take to attain beauty.  In our own community, it’s common to hear stories of harsh chemical processing and skin bleaching.  While the Disney film obviously features none of that, it does show Mother Gothel committing acts of kidnapping and violence to look good.  

    For one of the directors of Tangled, Nathan Greno the film emphasizes that we must all be careful of the choices we make to be beautiful.
    “[Mother Gothel] is obsessed with looks and that drives her to do bad things,” Nathan told S2S. “The movie succeeded in passing along the message that it’s not about the outside and that these vain ideas can drive you to a bad place in life.  If you make the right decisions with your heart, that’s what gets you in the right direction.  It’s the person inside that makes the difference.”
    It appears that Disney is headed in the right direction with the film’s humor, exciting adventure and universally powerful message that true beauty is not measured by the length of one’s hair but the depth of one’s heart.



    – Souleo 




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