Sunshine Anderson has an epiphany

    Sunshine Anderson explains how her singing career was almost sidetracked by a failed relationship.







    This moment almost never took place.  

After landing on the cusp of stardom with her hit debut single, “Heard It All Before,” the soul bird suffered a series of career setbacks and personal trials that tested her resolve, including the end of her marriage to NFL player Christopher A. Terry.  

    While in New York City debuting new songs from her forthcoming album, The Sun Shines Again, Sunshine reflected on how her marriage caused her to lose her self-identity and passion for music.
    “Athletes’ and entertainers’ lives are very time consuming. So they have to rely on family, friends and [their] wife,” Sunshine told the crowd.” When you’re in a relationship like that something is always pulling you away from what you want to do and you’re torn away from yourself.  Plus, my husband’s career afforded me a lifestyle my career didn’t. So I wasn’t as focused as I should have been on my music and who Sunshine was.”
    It was eventually her father’s words that would serve as her breakthrough to get back to herself and her craft.
    “My dad said if the ship sinks are you gonna go down with it?  It clicked and I got up,” Sunshine explained. “I have a little girl so will I show her that all you do is stick up under him and wait for him to make decisions or will I make the decision?  Now she knows that she can take control.”
    Sunshine is also hoping that other women take control and don’t look to her to sing the blues forever.  In contrast to her lead single, “Lie To Kick It” exposes the games men play. Tracks like the booming “I Want My Life Back,” and the thumping “Say Something,” demonstrate Sunshine’s more positive attitude when it comes to life and love. 
    “Sometimes I hate waving that red flag for my sisters,” Sunshine said. “I’d like to talk about something more inspirational and give them hope.  I’m in such a different place now and life is great.”
    That different place that Sunshine finds herself in today is one where she still has high hopes for love, even after her difficult marriage.
    “I believe in marriage and that God makes one for you.  You might have to go through hell to find him,” the singer said.
    Sunshine’s love may be right around the corner but until then she’s focused on letting her musical light shine.



    – Souleo




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