Michelle gets romantic for Rumba

    Couple: Michelle Williams & Brendan Cole 

    Dance: Rumba
    If you’ve been paying attention, Michelle hasn’t faired so well on the BBC dance competition. Although she works hard in rehearsal all week, the judges’ critiques aren’t always so kind.
    “They are a little bit picky,” Michelle said sadly. “Maybe they have their reasons for that and maybe it’s something I will never know.” 

    She added, “I want people to know that I come in, I give my best and it’s hard out there.” 

    It seems the less-than-stellar scores are taking their toll on the singer, and Brendan thinks its because Michelle set the bar a little too high for herself at this stage.
    "Michelle expects so much from herself,” he said. “She is trying to run before she can walk and I’m getting the feeling this week she’s a little scared.”

    We really like Michelle, and she seems to be showing some improvement, but the routine was still very stiff in parts. We need to see her loosen up a little!


    Perhaps Michelle’s video intro inspired the judges to go a little easier on her because, for the most part, their critiques were much kinder.

    “Well played,” judge Bruno Tonioli said. “Your turns have improved very much. You’ve gotten some very good lines, good extensions.”

    “I don’t like to sound like a broken record, but your lines are very good, and the chemistry between you is very good,” said judge Len Goodman, who hypothesized that maybe the problem with Michelle’s legs have to do with her heels being too high. ”I’m not saying that’s a cure-all, but it’s a possibility.”

    Unfortunately, at 24 points, their seemingly improved performance yielded lower marks than last week.



    – Sonya Eskridge



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