Jawan goes from ‘Nobody’ to rising star

    In between recording songs and shooting videos Jawan Harris is just a regular kid.







    In between recording songs and shooting videos Jawan Harris is just a regular kid.

    Those with little girls in their life (daughters, nieces, etc.) have probably heard them singing Jawan’s breakout hit “Nobody.” If not that, you’ve had to keep them from playing the video endlessly on YouTube. You might pass it off as some fleeting crush, but don’t sleep on Jawan. Admittedly, “Nobody” is the stuff that teenybopper hits are made of: It’s catchy, it’s sweet and it’s sung by a boy. 

    With a single and a music video under his belt, he’s more than just some young kid trying to sing. The 13-year-old Chicago native displays amazing control over his huge voice. But he’s had years to learn how to use it.

    “I started when I was six years old,” Jawan told S2S. “It all started at church, but when I started singing my mom was my manager. She was basically trying to get me at different shows.”
    From what he tells us, he took to the stage pretty naturally and performing for large crowds didn’t phase him. A few years later, he caught the attention of Jive Records and the rest is history in the making.

    Since his intro into the music biz, Jawan’s been hanging out with artists like Tyga and Chris Brown, who had a cameo in the video for “Nobody.” 

    “My last school I went to, everybody was like, ‘Oh, my God. He was in a video with Chris Brown?” Jawan bragged. “It was so fun. He was always cracking jokes. He was very tall—I didn’t expect that. But he was cool to talk to.”

    Jawan’s got a tutor now, but he said his old classmates were excited for him and all of his new success. While a regular school schedule and a budding music career don’t really mix, his handlers hired a tutor for Jawan to keep him focused on his education. He thinks it’s a good distraction from all the trouble he could be getting into.
    “I still like doing homework. It keeps me occupied instead of doing other things,” he said.

    No release date or title has been announced for his debut album just yet, but you can check out the video for “Nobody” below.


    Jawan Harris – Nobody (Official Music Video). Watch more top selected videos about: Jawan Harris



    — Sonya Eskridge 




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