Terrance Dean dispenses advice in new book

    Terrance Dean is distributing sound advice for women searching for themselves in Straight From Your Gay Best Friend. 







    Terrance Dean is distributing sound advice for women searching for themselves in Straight From Your Gay Best Friend. 

    From his column on
    HelloBeautiful.com to book signings all over the country, Terrance is always running into women who could use a little advice on life, love and the wonders of a new wardrobe. 

    “Women were lined up to ask me questions of ‘How can I tell if my man is on the down-low?’ Then the questions changed to ‘I need relationship advice,’” Terrance said recalling his experience while promoting Hiding In Hip Hop. “Women were pouring out their hearts about their relationships.” 

    He’s gotten so many questions over the years that there’s no way he could possibly get to everyone on an individual basis. But like any good GBF he wants to help as many people as possible, and his book is the next best thing to a private session over cocktails. The aim of Straight From Your Gay Best Friend is to “get back to women knowing their essence and their beauty.” 

    “I think every woman realizes, ‘You know, I really need to have a gay best friend in my life,’” Terrence explained. According to SFYGBF, it’s practically a necessity if you ever want to realize just how fab you are because they give you the straight up truth about everything. They will let you have it, but they’ll always do it with love.
    “Women just want someone, sometimes, just to talk to—even another man to talk to,” Terrance told S2S. With man drama, family issues and the occasion problem with self-esteem among our many hurdles, it’s hard being a woman. And, as the author points out these are obstacles every woman faces no matter what her station in life or fly she appears on the outside.

    Terrance illustrates his points through stories of women he knows, loves and has helped. But like a true GBF, he’s changed names to protect the innocent, and the ladies shouldn’t be shocked to find their story amongst the pages.

    “I told them, ‘I’m gonna use your story for the book,’” Terrance said. “Those stories I used were just some of the examples. When people read those stories they’re going to be blown away.”

    We can vouch for that! We found ourselves being taken aback at some of the things these ladies put up with! The tale of one woman, who was essentially supporting an aspiring comedian (that’s in chapter 18) really had us speechless. However, Terrance knows what he’s talking about because, believe it or not, he’s gone through it, too. 

    “It’s so disturbing and disheartening when I hear their stories, because it’s like, ‘Wow, I’ve been there,’” Terrance shared. “I feel what they’re saying.” 

    So what’s the key to living your most fabulous life? According to Terrance, getting your spirit right. 

    “I hope the readers get that, no matter what, you’re truly fabulous. There’s nothing you can’t do. No relationship you can’t have,” he said. “All you have to do is remember where and who you came from. The source of all things—and that’s one of the themes throughout the book is we’re acknowledging God…the spirit in you.”

    To drive the point home, he added, “You are destined and created to have anything in this world that you so desire.” 

    For more good advice from Terrance, you can pick up a copy of Straight From Your Gay Best Friend at stores and online retailers now. Trust us, the book (and the wisdom inside) is well worth the money.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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