S2S Goes To the Movies: ‘Paranormal Activity 2’

    More unsuspecting victims are being haunted by mysterious things that go bump in the night in Paranormal Activity 2.

    In 2007, unknown writer/ director Oren Peli made a film for $10,000 that would go on to become a box office juggernaut grossing a whopping $193 million worldwide. The film was called Paranormal Activity. The movie had every studio boss in a frenzy, wondering how they could produce a horror film on a micro budget and duplicate the same success. 

    For Paranormal Activity 2, Paramount Pictures increased the budget to $3 million and turned the franchise over to another relative new director Todd Williams in hopes of avoiding the sophomore jinx. 

    PA2 centers around a family whose house gets broken into so they believe. This prompts the family to install security cameras all over the house, which is how the audience will watch what happens. Through the security cameras, we witness very demonic and creepy occurrences happening at night. Things like an automated pool cleaner magically coming out of the pool, and a baby that may posses a sinister spirit, for example. 

    The film succeeds because it stays true to the original flick’s tone and style. Even with the budget increase, the studio’s sequel doesn’t lose the indie feel of Paranormal Activity. Kate Featherson reprises her role is Kate, and the new cast additions are all unknowns like the original.
    In, PA2 could be better then the original, which is very rare. The norm for Horror sequels typically is down hill after the first. Anyone remember the sequels to The Blair Witch Project or The Exorcist?
    PA2 has some unexpected surprises in the final act and the ending is not a let down. We were also impressed that the film doesn’t seem to use any CGI to enhance the effects. It reminds us of a Hitchcock film mixed in with Poltergeist.
    After viewing Paranormal Activity 2, you will have the urge to go back and watch the original to connect some dots. If you love scary movies, you’re in luck because this movie will have you sleeping with the lights on in your house for a while. You might even want to check to make sure all cabinets in the house are completely closed shut.

    Grade: B+



    — Datari Turner




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