Jawn Murray apologizes for bad joke

    Jawn Murray is apologizing for a joke that didn’t have anyone laughing.

    Jawn Murray is apologizing for a joke that didn’t have anyone laughing.
    When news broke that Tyler Perry would be producing and directing For Colored Girls it was met with harsh criticism from many people. There were potential viewers who weren’t sure he could really do the film justice. Jawn, who writes for AOL’s Black Voices, always knew that Tyler could pull it off, though.

    After an advanced screening of the film, Jawn hit up twitter to tweet, “all those militant-nappy headed #angryblack women who didn’t think Tyler Perry was worthy of doing For Colored Girls can kick rocks.”

    Following what happened with Don Imus, clearly, Jawn hadn’t learned that calling Black women “nappy headed” anything doesn’t go over so well—even if you rock an afro yourself.
    “I understand how things can be misconstrued and taken out of context in the social networking space,” Jawn said in a statement. “My humor has always been a bit irreverent, edgy and sarcastic, but I understand how this particular joke could have offended my sisters with natural hair.”

    He added, ”I sincerely love Black women and will never, EVER do or say anything to intentionally hurt them.  I am truly and humbly sorry.”
    In his scramble for damage control, the blogger also quickly pulled down the offending comment and issued a public apology
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    – Sonya Eskridge




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