Michelle triumphs with Tango

    Michelle Williams had to get a new dance partner  on this week’s “Strictly Come Dancing.”


    Couple: Michelle Wiliams & Ian Waite

    Dance: Tango 

    Michelle and Brendan Cole almost didn’t make it to week for on “Strictly Come Dancing,” after landing in the bottom two last week. Thankfully they were spared, but tragedy still struck their team when Brendan’s father passed away.

    Naturally Brendan had to jet off to be with his family during this difficult time, but he left Michelle in Ian’s very capable hands.

    Walking in, Ian knew that “Michelle has had a lot of harsh criticism from the judges” and the scores she’s received definitely reflect that. Mostly the judges don’t’ see enough of a marked improvement in her technique, but Michelle was confident her luck would change with the Tango. 

    “Tango is going pretty good,” Michelle said with a nod. “I’ve learned so much this week, and I’m determined to make Brendan Proud.”

    The judges have always said that Michelle’s moves are usually pretty staccato, and that’s good news for the Tango! It’s a very staccato dance, so her usual rigidity was an asset for this routine.


    Judge Bruno Tonioli thought Michelle’s performance this week was “much stronger [and] more focused.” He noted that she went a little wobbly in places, but overall it was “much, much better.”

    “Getting a new partner is like getting a new pair of shoes: It takes a while to get comfortable,” Len said, acknowledging that she faced a very different challenge than the other competitors. “But it was all a bit in and out. Sometimes your posture was good, sometimes not so good.”

    Despite problems with some faulty footwork, Michelle still managed to walk away with 27 points—her best score of the season!



    – Sonya Eskridge




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