‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: October 25

    Couple: Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke

    Dance: Tango

    Rick was looking to make a comeback with his Tango this week. We thought he was doing alright, but the judges think his performances have been a little cold.

    “Two weeks in a row, I’ve been told I have to turn up the heat in the romance department. This week I have a traditional Tango, so maybe [third] time’s a charm,” Rick reasoned.

    The problem is that Rick really hasn’t had to do such a strictly traditional dance in weeks. That made practice a lot tougher this week, especially when considering that this Tango was just the first of two dances he had to learn. We know Rick’s a perfectionist, but that could end up hurting his score more than it helps.

    “If Rick analyzes every single step too much, he won’t be able to connect to that passion or emotion that the judges keep asking for," said Cheryl.

    If Rick didn’t have anything else, he definitely had passion this week. Sure he looked really angry, but at least there was a little fire to his dance that his routines had lacked before. 


    For all that fire in Rick and Chery’s Tango, Len’s critique was lukewarm at best. The elder judge commended Rick on his hold and posture, saying, “I thought you did an excellent job. It was a difficult dance with your height difference.”
    We assume that Bruno was stuck between concern for Cheryl’s safety and amazement that Rick delivered an intense Tango.
    “It definitely had attack!” Bruno shouted. “It was like a Mohican on the war path.”

    “I think you did amazing,” said Carrie Ann, who thought Rick brought the right attitude to his Tango. “You do have to be careful because you sometimes get so stern that we lose the person.”

    However the judges felt about the dance, though, Rick earned 24 points.


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