‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: October 25

    Couple: Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer

    Dance: Tango

    Put simply: Last week was a disaster for Kyle and Lacey because Len can be something of a hater.  They started the competition near the head of the class, and now they’re mere points away from flunking out.
    “It is time to hit the panic button,” Kyle said. “With this Tango we need to come out swinging because anyone can go home at this point.”

    And there was added pressure this week because every competitor had to learn two dances. With Kyle struggling to get his initial routine down pat, he had to bring work home. Thankfully, his brother was willing to fill in for Lacey in any way necessary.

    The added practice time really paid off because Kyle delivered a great Tango! His footwork was much better than it had been in weeks, and he brought the right attitude to the routine. 


    “Your hold usually is what lets you down, but you kept it going all the way through,” said Bruno, who noticed what a huge difference the extra practice made. “You obviously have put a lot of work into this.”
    “I love the way you always throw in the Kyle style, and you always make everything your own signature,” said Carrie Ann (aka Kyle’s biggest groupie on the panel). “The carriage was amazing this week. I see the work that you’ve put in.”

    Len, who gave Kyle a 5 last week, said, “I’m not gonna sack you, I’m going to back you tonight.”

    “Your dancing is performance driven, and I enjoy to see good performance,” said Len, “but I want a bit of balance and I want to see technique.”
    For his first dance of the night, Kyle earned 23 points, putting him back in the middle of the pack.

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