Ryan Leslie offers reward for laptop

    Someone jacked Ryan Leslie’s laptop last week and he wants it back bad enough he’s willing to pay some serious cash.


    The singer-producer’s laptop went missing on October 23 while Ryan was at a club in Germany. The next morning he got up bright and early to put out an APB for the computer via YouTube.

    “Something very personal, something very special to me was taken,” Ryan explained in the online video.  “I’m offering a reward of $20,000, but, really, that reward is not even close to the value of everything that we lost.”


    According to Ryan, the thief didn’t just run off with a laptop, they stole everything from him. If we didn’t know any better, you’d have thought someone kidnapped his child! 

    A visibly shaken Ryan listed just a few things lost in the theft, saying, “The tools that I have to share with all of you, the videos that I have of all the tours, the memories that we’ve made together, the music that I make, everything is gone.”


    If anyone has any information about whereRyan’s laptop might be, they can send a message to ryanleslielaptopreturn@gmail.com.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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