Michelle Williams does the Time Warp

    Michelle Williams was in the middle of a ballroom brawl on the last episode of “Strictly Come Dancing.”


    Couple: Michelle Williams & Brendan Cole

    Dance: Jive

    Michelle welcomed Brendan back from his father’s funeral with open arms this week and they jumped right into rehearsal for the Jive.  Too bad all that jumping led to an ankle injury for the singer.

    Brendan broke down why this was the worst time in the competition for Michelle to get hurt, saying, “The one week you don’t want to have an ankle injury would be the one you’re doing Jive on,”
    Michelle had to take it easy for a couple days, but she was a new woman when she got back to practice. The former Destiny’s Child member had no problem kicking it into high gear to make up for lost time.

    “I really thought we were in trouble, but she jives really well,” Brendan raved during a practice break.
    “Despite the set backs, I’m not going to let this hold me down,” Michelle said.

    The result was a spookily spectacular Jive based on the famous dance from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (a Halloween fave here at S2S!). Michelle’s movements aren’t the most fluid, but it worked for this routine. We’re sure Tim Curry would be very proud!


    If it were up to us, Michelle and Brendan would have gotten a 10 from us on this routine. This was
    “It was like a delightfully demented voodoo woman unleashed upon the jive and I actually loved it,” judge Bruno Tonioli hollered from the judges’ table. “The performance was demented I loved it!”
    You’ll notice that Bruno didn’t comment on the technique. He left that happy task to judge Len Goodman, who wasted no time ripping into Michelle and Brandon.
    “I was bitterly disappointed with it,” judge Len Goodman said, grumbling that it wasn’t enough of a proper Jive. “ You got caught up in the story of the Time Warp.”
    That proved to be fighting words for Brendan who began arguing with Len about the routine’s choreographic content in front of cameras. Despite Michelle’s best efforts to quiet her pro, Len and Brendan kept bickering until they had to rush to the competitor’s holding room.
    “You were amazing,” Brendan told Michelle during their designated comment segment, “We had a good week!”

    And it seems most of the judge’s agreed because they scored Michelle and Brendan 29 points—the pair’s best scores on “SCD” so far.




    – Sonya Eskridge



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