‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: November 1

    Couple: Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke
    Dance: Quickstep

    We’ve noticed during practice that Rick is kind of a goofball, but he’s all business when it comes to the ballroom. This week, Rick really got to cut loose with his interpretation of Helio Castroneves’ Quickstep.
    “What I loved about Helio’s performance is that he was not afraid to have fun—something that’s been lacking here,” he said. “I have to bring the enjoyment to my competition.” 

    The former NBA player brought in his boo, Eliza Dushku, to help him keep the mood light during practice. We have to say, they were too cute!

    When it came time to hit the dance floor, he was a whole new Rick, and he attacked the dance floor with a different type of energy than we’ve seen from him. Although his routine wasn’t as high-octane as Helio’s, he definitely reminded the audience that he can move pretty quickly for a big guy.


    Len told Rick that when he’s really able to enjoy himself in a routine, it’s much more entertaining for everyone else to watch.  By that logic this was a very engaging Quick step. “You came out full-throttle, everything going,” Len cheered.
    Bruno thought Rick pulled “more faces than Jim Carrey” and that this was Rick’s best performance to date.
    “That was actually incredible, I have to say,” guest judge Helio said in his critique. “Cheryl, you very smart; you put a lot of my dance in there. That was pretty good.”

    Carrie Ann simply said, “Rick…by far your best number.”

    Speaking of numbers, Rick stepped off the floor with an initial score of 37 points.


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