‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: November 1

    Couple: Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer

    Dance: Paso Doble

    Last week we saw Kyle claw his way back up the leader board after a few disappointing turns in the competition. When we found out he had to do Maks and Mel B’s iconic Paso Doble to “Free Your Mind,” we were worried about his standing.
    Why? Kyle’s professional coach said it best. “The Paso is a very tough aggressive dance and it’s all things that Kyle is not,” she explained.

    We can’t help but think he was sort of set up. After all, in this routine, he had to follow Maks’ example. Where Maks is strong and edgy, Kyle is more cute and cuddly—and no amount of drawn-on abs is going to change that!

    “I have to kind of turn off my playful happy side and get into my aggressive side,” Kyle said. “We have to try to be as sexy as Mel B and Maks. I don’t really know if that’s possible, but we’re definitely going to give it a try.”

    Thankfully, Kyle decided to wear a shirt for his performance, but he came with a harder edge than he’s ever had before. He’s no Maks, but it looks like the actor was able to channel just enough of him for his routine.

    Kyle and Lacey’s Paso left a huge smile on Len’s face. “You said it, you’ve got to up your game…and that was your best dance,” Len stated.
    “That was amazing,” guest judge Mel B exclaimed from the guest judge seat. “You blew me away. You were very sexy.”
    Bruno, never to be outdone in the outrageous department, shouted that Kyle came out with “the energy and attack of an untamed young bull. Testosterone everywhere!”

    Carrie Ann said that Mel was a tough act to follow because she was able to tap into her own strengths for the routine. However, she said Kyle was able to do exactly the same thing for his Paso.

    Subsequently, Kyle charged off the floor with 35 points from the panel.  

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