‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: November 2 results

    Sad to say, but one of our favorites has been benched on "Dancing With the Stars."
    Tuesday night was an elimination round that we never anticipated: Both Kyle Massey and Rick Fox were up for elimination. We knew that eventually one of them would have to go, but who knew it would be like this?! 

    Thankfully, Brandy was saved from the glare of the red light since she and Maksim Chmerkovskiy were the first couple to be saved. After an hour of sitting on pins and needles it was revealed that Kyle and Rick would be the last men left standing in danger of getting pulled from the parquet.

    While neither man landed at the bottom of the leader board this week, we weren’t exactly shocked to see Rick go home over Kyle. Rick might be better with his moves, but Kyle’s got charisma that keeps the judges and the home audience in his corner.

    Since Rick’s been ejected, only two of our favorite competitors are left to compete for the mirror ball on “Dancing With the Stars.”



    — Sonya Eskridge



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